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7 Top Forbidden Places That You Cannot Visit

Are you a thrill-seeker looking to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations? Well, there are some places in the world that are off-limits, even to the most adventurous travelers. Here are the top seven forbidden places that you cannot visit.


1.Area 51, USA

Located in the middle of the Nevada desert, Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility that has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. It is said to have been used for testing experimental aircraft and weapons, and it's strictly forbidden to enter the facility. The area is heavily guarded, and signs warn that lethal force may be used to prevent unauthorized access.

2. North Sentinel Island, India

This small island in the Bay of Bengal is home to the Sentinelese people, who have had no contact with the outside world and are fiercely protective of their isolation. Visiting the island is prohibited by the Indian government due to safety concerns for both visitors and the indigenous population. In 2018, an American missionary was killed by the tribe when he attempted to visit the island.

3. Poveglia Island, Italy

Located in the Venetian Lagoon, Poveglia Island was once used as a quarantine station for bubonic plague victims and later as a mental hospital. The island is believed to be haunted, and visitors are not allowed due to safety concerns and preservation efforts. In recent years, there have been rumors of plans to turn the island into a tourist destination, but these plans have been met with opposition from local residents.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

This underground vault on a remote island in the Arctic holds a collection of seeds from around the world, intended to safeguard against a global food crisis. Visitors are not allowed to enter the vault for security reasons, but they can view the entrance and learn about the vault's mission at the visitor center.

5. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), North/South Korea

The DMZ is a heavily fortified buffer zone between North and South Korea, established after the Korean War. It is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world, and entering the zone is strictly prohibited. However, there are organized tours that take visitors to the DMZ, allowing them to get a glimpse of life on either side of the border.

6. Mount Everest Summit, Nepal

While Mount Everest Base Camp is a popular trekking destination, climbing to the summit of the world's highest peak is restricted to experienced mountaineers with special permits, and even then, only a limited number are allowed each year due to safety concerns. Despite the risks, many climbers attempt to summit the mountain each year, and some have lost their lives in the process.

7.The Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

The Vatican Secret Archives hold a vast collection of historical documents and artifacts dating back to the 8th century, including some of the Catholic Church's most sensitive records. Access to the archives is restricted to qualified researchers and scholars, and only a limited number of documents are made available to the public each year. Despite the name, the archives are not actually secret, but their contents are highly valuable and are protected accordingly.

In conclusion, while these forbidden places may pique your curiosity, it's important to remember that they are off-limits for a reason. Some places may be too dangerous to visit, while others may require specialized training or permissions. If you're looking for adventure, there are plenty of other destinations that are safe and accessible, so be sure to do your research before embarking on your next adventure

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