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Netizens React On Alleged Time Taken By a Commuter Train From Nairobi CBD To Limuru

Kenya Railways on Monday launched commuter train that will ply from Nairobi Central Business District to Limuru town.

The train that is scheduled to have stopovers at Kibra, Dagoreti, Kikuyu and then Limuru, will be departing from the CBD at 5.20pm, have a first stop at Kibra at 5.54pm, the second stop will be Dagoretti at 6.22pm and Kikuyu at 6.55pm before reaching Limuru at 7.52pm.

This means that the train will take 2 hours and 22 minutes with each stop taking two minutes. The fare to Limuru will be Ksh 80.

Netizens have an issue with the time that one will take to reach Limuru. There are those that have compared the distance to athletics marathon which covers a distance 42km which is four kilometers more than the distance between Limuru and Nairobi which is 38km.

Some claimed that World marathon Record Holder Eliud Kipchoge is faster than the train because he can run a sub 2hrs in 42kms.

There are those who claimed that they can do under 1hr on a bike and they wondered why as a country are stuck in 1963 technology whereas there are new advancement in transport.

Others are wondered if it's the same Limuru that they know or it is past Nakuru because the one they know can take same time while walking.

Some claimed that it will add no value to save only ksh 20 and stay on the road for two and half hours yet you can use matatu and save an hour.

Others wondered how could a matatu be faster than the train with the traffic jam and many stops they make before reaching Limuru.

Below are screenshots of some of the responses.

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