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5 annoying things that happen at The Mombasa beaches

Life at the Coast is not life until you find free time to visit the beaches. We all love spending a good time at the beaches. You can visit the beach on weekends, during holiday and any other free time you get. The goodness with the beaches is visiting any time you want.

You will enjoy the sandy beaches, cool breezes from the ocean and nice sounds from the waves, it is really fun. Some of the best beaches you should plan to visit here in Mombasa include. 

However, sometimes your enjoyments are cut-short by different things that will only leave you annoyed and angry. Some of the annoying things at Mombasa beaches include the following:

1. Hawkers

These guys will never give you a peace of minds. They will pester you at an interval of five minutes. If you will be having nice moments with your lover will probably get irritated with how they will keep on distracting your attention. 

2. Your smartphone, wallet and name them, are stolen

Not all people at these beaches and especially public ones come for fun, some are on a mission, which will leave you cursing the bus which you boarded from Nairobi City to Mombasa.

3. Bad smells from drugs, alcohol, and smokers, etc.

If you are not that type of guys who smoke, drinks alcohol among other drugs, you will probably hate to be at the beaches. This happens mostly at night and late evenings. Abusing drugs at the beaches is illegal but not all people are concerned with such laws.

4. Being bothered by beach boys

This is one of the worst things at the beaches that can end with forced sex, mostly affecting women as compared to men.

5. Hit by the beach ball

Beach football among other games are so common at Bamburi's Pirates beach. You will even enjoy watching the same game until astray ball comes and bounce on your stomach, your head and even your private parts, will you not hate it

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