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Countries Where Sun Never Sets And There Is No Night

In case you were wondering, yes, there are places on Earth where the sun never goes down and there is no such thing as night. This is a list of countries where day follows directly into night.


By virtue of its proximity to the North Pole, the northern European country of Norway enjoys perpetually sunny summers. At this time of year, the sky is constantly lit by the sun. Due to the constant daylight, this area is often referred to as "The Land of the Midnight Sun." The year-round sunshine and stunning fjords are just two of Norway's many renowned natural features.


Another Scandinavian country that has 24-hour daylight throughout the summer is Sweden. The sun never sets, therefore the sky is bathed in light 24 hours a day. The sun never seems to go down in Sweden, adding to the allure of the country's already famous scenery.


Like the other Scandinavian countries, Finland enjoys 24 hours of daylight during the summer. Presently, the sky is always bright and the sun never sets. The year-round sunshine in Finland adds to the allure of the country's stunning landscapes, which already feature several picturesque lakes and dense woods.


During the summer, the sun never sets in Denmark, just as it does in the rest of the Scandinavian countries. At this time of year, the sun never sets, illuminating the sky with brilliant illumination. The nearly constant daylight in Denmark adds to the country's already stunning urban areas and small rural communities.


Some regions of Russia have perpetual daylight during the summer months. The Murmansk Oblast is the name given to this far northern region. Presently, the sky is always bright and the sun never sets. The stunning natural scenery is only enhanced by the year-round sunshine.

The Scandinavian countries (including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and even a small portion of Russia) have a geographical advantage: they get summertime sunshine without interruption due to their proximity to the North Pole. In this season, the sun never goes down, therefore the sky is constantly illuminated by its light.

The countries affected by this phenomenon are commonly referred to as the "Land of the Midnight Sun," and the beauty of their landscapes is often lauded in part because of the "always-on" quality of the sunlight. Make sure you're following me to see this and more.

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