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Learn About Nairobi, East Africa's Most Developed City

Kenya's capital city Nairobi is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It came into being in 1899 as a trading center due to the colonial railway settlement. Interestingly, the name Nairobi comes from the Maasai language, 'Enkare Nyirobi' loosely translated as a place of cool waters.

Around 1905, commercial activities in Nairobi had increased and it was declared the capital city of British East Africa. While still under British rule, Nairobi rapidly continued to grow. In 1919, because of a rapid improvement in infrastructure, the British announced Nairobi as a municipality. As the number of migrants increased, so did the commercial activities. As a result, the British could not help but declare Nairobi a city in 1954.

As of today, Nairobi is the headquarters of regional railways and airways corporations. It's well-served by roads and railways that connect to other surrounding countries hence why many refer to it as the commercial and financial East African hub. At one time, Kenya's minister for tourism, Najib Balala had this to say: "I come from Mombasa. Whenever I visit Nairobi, I see a difference straight away. Here everyone is busy creating a life." This statement by the minister speaks volumes about Nairobi's development.

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