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Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in if You Work in Nairobi But Do Not Want to Live Within the City

Nairobi at times becomes stressful, many people working within the city may consider living in the outskirts to relieve them of constant noises and disruptions. If you are such kind of people then here are five neighbourhoods in the outskirts of Nairobi that you can rent affordable houses and stay peacefully.


Ruiru is a good alternative to staying within Nairobi. There are affordable houses in Ruiru town and its outskirts. Fare to and from Ruiru to Nairobi is almost equal to those of any other neighbourhood within Nairobi during peak hours. If you can consider Thika Road regions, then your are good to go with Ruiru

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2. Syokimau

Right now, Syokimau sounds off due to the ongoing constructions along Mombasa Road, but on normal traffic days, journeys to and from Syokimau are never that stressful. Fare rates are never that bad, so if you need a residential estate along Mombasa Road outside Nairobi town then I'd recommend Syokimau. There are affordable houses, and if you can afford to buy a house , also well and good.

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3. Kikuyu

Kikuyu is also not far from Nairobi and is a very quiet place, ideal for spending the weekend with family after long week of work in the stressful Nairobi town. Rentals in Kikuyu are very much affordable. Security isn't bad and fare rates almost same to those of Nairobi city neighbourhoods

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4. Kiambu

Kiambu town and surrounds are also other quiet places to live in. You may as well consider neighbourhoods around Kiambu like Ndumberi, Denderu or even Banana. They are not too far from Nairobi and you won't spend too much on fare. Houses are very much affordable from singles, bed-sitters to mansions.

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5. Ngong

If you love Kajiado and surrounds, then moving from Ngong to Nairobi everyday is never going to be a heavy task. Fare rates are just similar to those of estates within Nairobi during peak hours.

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Your are now set, if you work within Nairobi and wouldn't want to stay within the city area, I'd recommend you consider any of the five neighbourhoods.

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