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Plane Crash

Flight Secrets That Are Never Told To Passengers

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Whether you have once taken a flight or not, this article is worth your time because it is written to simply enlighten you on what you have always been struggling to understand. Keep on reading!

Why do planes have blue seats?

The answer to this question has always been a secret but from now, it will no longer be a secret to both of us. Those who have traveled by planes severally must have noticed that the seats and sometimes the interior of planes are blue. Why blue? The answer in layman's language is because the color blue is believed to evoke a feeling of calmness, making traveling less stressful.

Are planes affected by lightning strikes?

This is another question whose answer has remained to be a secret. But the truth is that planes are not affected by lightning. Planes are fitted with a metal gauze that goes through the skin of the plane. This metal is designed to conduct electricity but again prevent it from reaching the interior of the plane at the same time.

How human waste is disposed of.

This has also remained to be a secret to almost all of us (but not you anyway). People believe that the waste is dumped while planes are on the flight. However, there is little evidence to support that. The truth is, all waste is stored in a large tank at the back of the plane. This waste would be cleared from the tank once the plane has landed.

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