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Countries Where Sun Never Sets And No Nights

Today I am sharing with you a list of six countries where the sun never sets and there is no night at any particular time of the year.


Initially this island belonged to Russia but they sold it to the United States of America. Others call it the state of beautiful glaciers. The sun does not set between May and July. Here the sun sets for only 51 minutes. Here is a link to a video that explains more about these places.


In Finland, the sun does not set for 76 days during the summer. Many tourists visit Finland during the summer to witness this strange phenomenon.


Norway is located in the Arctic Circle. Here, too, the sun does not set for about 76 days between May and July.


Canada is always covered with snow at certain times of the year.This strange phenomenon occurs in the northwest region, where the sun does not set for 50 days during the summer.

5. Iceland

This is one of the largest islands in Europe. It is said that the sun does not set from May 10 to the end of July.


In many places in Sweden the sun does not set from May to August. There is no night here for about 100 days

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