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One of the Best Western Hotel, Kisumu

In the whole world, their is only one 7 star hotel. The most expensive in the whole world is located in the most developed city in the Arabian country , Dubai.

Right back in our own Kenya, we have several hotels which offer sustainable services with most of them being rated 4 star.

In Kisumu Town, where the madaraka celebrations were held yesterday. Their is the Best Western hotel . As the name dictates, it is the posh crib to the western part of Kenya. The mansionate hotel is located within the CBD and offers several services to its people which are quite expensive.Its location attracts thousands of tourists who visit the place for adventure and for work purposes. It is not clear how much a person can spend inside the hotel for a night since they prefer keeping most of their things secretive.

Others also opt to visit Kiosks and small hotels within the City.

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Best Western CBD Kenya Kisumu Kisumu Town


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