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3 Beautiful But Dangerous Places In Nakuru Town

Photo: The Nakuru CBD, as seen from the air.

Though it is no longer as clean as it was in the 1990s, Nakuru Town still has breathtaking sights that many visitors enjoy visiting. However, some of the characteristics that make it attractive still have negative aspects, some of which are potentially harmful.

The Following are a few examples of the most dangerous places in Nakuru town:

1. Kunste fly-over

The new interchange connecting the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway and the Nakuru-Nyahururu road at Kunste, also known as the Solai flyover, is a really stunning infrastructural construction.

Its newness and construction make it a particularly attractive location for photographing and 'selfieing,' as it provides a scenic view of Nakuru town and its environs.

It does, nonetheless, provide a safe haven for thieves and robbers who will use the cover of darkness to commit offenses against unwitting people.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park.

The Kenya Wildlife Service has set up a 'frustration' square where broke citizens can relax and peep through the park for those who cannot afford to attend the park for bird watching and another animal viewing.

  1. The location, which is near the park's entrance, is used as a picnic area for the upper crust.
  2. Baboons have formed a habit of going out to look for leftovers while they have picnics.
  3. Women and girls, on the other hand, are disliked by these baboons.
  4. They have a habit of staging raids against them.
  5. In the event that toddlers come into contact with the electric fences, that is a very risky location for them.

3. Medical footbridge

The footbridge is a good place to keep an eye on traffic coming into or leaving Nakuru town. It's a lovely spot for pictures or landscape.

However, since it is a haven for marauding urchins, the splendid view may be disrupted.

There's a chance you'll get mugged here with their glue-sniffing!

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