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Nairobi One Of The Most Picturesque Cities In Africa.See Some Of Its Most Beautiful Streets

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. The rate at which it is developing might make it the next Paris, London or New York city in the near future. Its splendiferous nature and incredible look is as a result of exquisite road networks like Nairobi expressway, dazzling streets like Kenyatta avenue, fascinating skyscrappers like I&M Bank Tower, superb city gardens and parks like Uhuru gardens, famous monuments, attractive graphics and flora. Walk around the city and explore its attractiveness.

There are a few streets in Nairobi central business district that, for years, have proven to be oases of magnificent structures and infrastructures. These include:

1. Kenyatta Avenue.

If there is a place to go for a walk and have yourself held in a state of captivity by your attraction to the beauty of Nairobi CBD or experience an overwhelming feeling of excitement, is Kenyatta avenue. It is one of the most famous and amazing streets in the city as a result of splendid infrastructures. This street features exceptional skyscrappers like I&M Bank that sparkles its blue color on the dazzling street, the Telposta tower and the ICEA building. It is the home of the famous upper class churches like the Anglican Church as well as, All Saints Cathedral Church. Additionally, the street itself sound like money due to many financial institutions like Bank of India, Stanbic bank, Barclays, Equity bank, National bank, Family bank, Standard Chartered bank and KCB among other service institutions like the General Post Office (GPO) and Sarova Stanley Hotel.

The view from where Kenyatta avenue intersect Moi avenue provides an exhilarating panoramic view of the structures and skyscrappers. People love taking photos in this street because it gives the photographs a nice background.

2. Haile Selassie Avenue.

The fascinating thing about Haile Selassie avenue is the architecture. The buildings and skyscrappers in this street are classy, for example the CBK building. Do not forget the amazing towers like Cooperative house and Times tower. Times tower acts as a special landmark to many people of which most of them uses it to calculate the bearing of where they are heading to, whenever they feel lost while in CBD.

3.Moi Avenue.

This is another paradise in Nairobi, named after president Daniel Arap Moi. This street is superb and one easily locate popular structures like the Nation Newspaper House, The Union tower, Bihi tower, Imenti house and the Kenya National Archives among others.

Other streets that gives Nairobi central business districts its heavenly look include:

4.Kimathi Street.

5. Tom Mboya Street.

6. Harambee Avenue.

7. City Hall Way.

8.Wabera Street.

What do you like more about Nairobi? Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: @Jeff_KE (via Opera News )

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