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World's Tallest Bridge That is Twice High Than The Iconic Shards in London

Often based in clouds and mist Beipanjiang Bridge in southern china offers other worldly experience as you drive more than 2000 feet above the water below. The bridge offers breath taking and so much terrifying views of the rocky Beipanjiang valley. The construction costing was huge, costing 147 million US dollars but the bridge broke the record all over the world for its height and cementation. Build above the BEIPANJIANG valley in china’s Guizhou province the Beipanjiang bridge sits an impressive 565 meters above the Beipan river which is equivalent to a 200 storey sky creeper. For comparison, the golden gate bridge in san Francisco Is just 220 feet high while new York’s one world trade Centre the tallest building the United States stands at 1776 feet tall. This beipanjiang bridge is a four-lane cable steel bridge on the border between two provinces an area known for being difficult to navigate and travel. The bridge spans 1,341 meters or 4,399 feet across the valley giving travelers a safe and breath-taking way to travel within the region. But this convinces came with a massive price tag and when it was completing in 2016 it became the tallest in the world. It stands on two massive pillars with the talest pillar being 269 meters above the ground. In addition to being the tallest bridge in the world the beipanjiang bridge also uses the 2nd longest ever span of steel cables. It took 3years of construction to finish the bridge but discussions and designs began ack in 2011.The bridge is part of g65 HANGSHOU expressway which is 2965 kilometers long from the city of hangshou to shanghai.It the hilly area of beipan the bridge has shortened the time from one side to the other by 3hours and it has also encourage exploration as there is a walk way for pedestrians below the highway. This bridge has been able to hold several Guinness world records.

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