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The Beautiful Sceneries That Will Attract More People to Travel to And Stay in Kenya

Many people in Kenya post photos of other countries mostly. But the truth is Kenya is beautiful, while being driven in Nairobi by a Taxi, and this building below will easily catch your attention.

Kenya has great features and sceneries. I have a dream many people will come to work and stay here just like In USA and UAE.

In Kenya you will always Keep smiling. Life has beaten us stick but we can still afford to meet atleast one crazy person per day to help us heal our sadness. Like this picture below;

All African countries are beautiful in their own right. However, people are driven out due to lack of opportunities, infrastructure, corruption and nepotism. If we can change this, then working in any African country/ city would be a dream to many including internationals from UK, USA, China and even the UAE.

They are from all over Africa go to the estates you will find and see them in Eastleigh, zimmerman etc Nigerians ,Tanzanians, Ugandans, somalis, Pakistans, others as far away as from China. The most interesting observation is that they all seem to be successful or doing good where we as kenyans have failed.

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