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Meet The Most Dangerous Tribe in Africa With A Barbaric Culture – See Photos

There are countless indigenous communities throughout Africa. Just in Kenya, there are 42 different ethnic groups. Cultures and customs of different indigenous communities are what set them apart. However, although some communities are quite hostile to outsiders, others are warm and accepting. The pokot of Kenya are notoriously unfriendly, but the coastal tribes are famed for their warm hospitality.

One very aggressive and culturally distinct Ethiopian tribe lives there. The tribe's hostility toward other groups forces them to isolate itself in a national park, where visitors must be accompanied by guards.

There are just about 11, 500 members of the Mursi or Mun tribe in Ethiopia. They make their home in Ethiopia's most inaccessible area, Mago National Park. They are considered the most deadly people in Africa due of their hostile culture and reputation.

The significance of women in their society is symbolized by the clay plate custom. The larger the woman's dish, the more a guy will spend for her as his bride. When a female reaches the age of puberty, around the ages of 15 and 16, she has a cut made in her lower lip to create a ring of muscle. Time heals it, and it stretches to fit a tiny clay plate.

Many uninvited visitors have been slain by the tribe, making them a particularly dangerous group to approach. They are extremely unwelcoming and have a negative outlook on other people. You need permission and security to visit this tribe. One reason they are so dangerous is that their culture is extremely savage when it comes to treating women. View some images depicting the culture's savage treatment of women.

Below are some of their photos:


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