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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Africa 2021 (Photos)

Watamu Beach- Kenya 

The beach offers a wide variety of activities for people looking for fun. 

Snorkeling and diving are some of the most memorable adventures. It's the main breeding ground for green turtles.

Nungwi Beach- Tanzania 

The island's beach is excellent for those looking for a quiet vacation. The beach lives up to its reputation. The beach is blessed with many attractions and is home to various turtles and fish.

Muizenberg Beach- South Africa 

It's one of the beaches that is considered the best place for new surfers as it has a natural breakwater mechanism made from hard rock. Rocks have always stood the test of time.

Sharm El-Sheik Beach- Egypt 

The beach is famous for its crystal clear water, with an unobstructed view, enough space for sunbathing, and much more. You can stroll across the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea on a paved sidewalk.

Sodwana Bay- South Africa 

It's usually crowded in winter for its beautiful scenery, warm water, lots of fun, and adventure. It has many attractions, including vibrant trees, beautiful sunsets, a fleet of ATVs with decent music, and much more.

Clifton Beach- South Africa 

The beach consists of a group of four beaches and is best known for its sunsets. One of the main reasons it is even more relaxed is the lack of strong winds.

Boulders Beach- South Africa 

Penguins are the proud residents of this beach. Excellent place for kids as the waves are calm and offer the best temperatures for swimming.

Buffalo Bay Beach- South Africa 

Buffalo Bay Beach is flanked by a decent restaurant at the end of the beach. You can enjoy the serene beauty of this beach.

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