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Ever Wondered Why Most Airplanes Are Painted White? Here Are 3 Reasons Behind it

Airplanes are a faster means of transport from one point to another as they have high speed than vehicles and they are free from physical barriers.If you happen to go to the airport or just see an airplane flying, you will notice the majority of them despite different colors which differentiate them, are somehow painted white.

There are several reasons behind painting airplanes white and why most commercial airline companies prefer it. Here are some reasons;


According to interesting engineering, an average airplane cost of painting ranges from $50,000 to $200,000 which is equivalent to Sh 5,000,000 and Sh 20,000,000 hence white is affordable and easy to get.

Resale Value

Planes painted different colors like a South African mango airline, tend to be more expensive to sell to other companies simply because of its color where the selling company will spend more money painting.


White color reflects almost all the heat falling on the plane meaning it will be cooler from the inside and passengers will not feel a lot of heat and they will enjoy their journey to their destination.

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