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Futuristic Kenya: 3 Ongoing futuristic projects that Kenyans probably don' t know about

What do you imagine a futuristic Kenya can be about? For some, they may imagine a utopian place where nearly everything seems perfect. Others imagine a place where modern technologies and contexts exist while for others, a Kenya where the quality of life is great.

While some of the imagination may seem far fetched especially in the East African nation, there are a number of projects that hint that might not be the case.

Below are 3 futuristic projects that Kenyans probably don' t know about that are actually on course;

Kenya Flying Taxis

KQ Strikes Deal For Purchase of 40 Flying Taxis -

Photo Courtesy - Fahari Aviation

The idea of using flying taxis is a fairly new concept across the world with countries like Dubai about to offer the services. Kenya does not intend to lag behind on advanced urban transportation and mobility.

The East African nation through Kenya Airways is currently undertaking studies on the futuristic project with the testing expected to begin sometime in 2025.

More info on the link:

Kenya's first underwater museum

Kenya mulls first underwater museum in sub Saharan Africa - CCE l ONLINE  NEWS

Courtesy - Photo used for illustration

To be located in Kilifi county, the underwater museum project would be first of its kind in the country upon completion. The museum targets scuba tourists and aims to explore ship wrecks located on Indian Ocean floor for more than 600 years.

More info on link:

Konza Smart city

Construction of University at Konza to be completed in 2022 | Construction  Today


A smart city is distincted by the ability to utilize technologies and innovation to improve the citizens' quality of life.

Konza Technology city aims to be the first model smart city under vision 2030 government initiative located along the counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kajiado. Phase 1 horizontal Infrastructure is currently on course.

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