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12 Most Terrifying Places On Earth [PHOTOS]

Most Terrifying Places On Earth

Despite its beauty, the world is full of many mysteries and weird happenings that goes beyond our own imagination. While some places are fun to visit and appealing to our sense of adventure, others are just hungry and waiting for people to visit. There are some places on earth that you may visit at your own risk for their terrifying nature. Others just appear terrifying with no explainable reasons.

Some of these places are very dangerous an if you are planning to visit them, be sure to bid your loved ones a goodbye as returning to them may be a risky gamble. Take for example the snake island and others. Here are some of the most terrifyingly places on earth:

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Nicknamed as 'The Death Road', this is a 50 mile road in Bolivia from La Paz to Coroico. At only 12 feet wide, the road cuts across a section of the Amazon rainforest. Due to the thick fog, travellers can hardly see what is ahead. Amazon forest is also notorious for dangerous creeping wild animals. The road lacks guardrails and therefore many fatal accidents do occur here and hence its nickname.

2. Nagoro, Japan

As a small village in Japan, Nagoro is full with very many dolls that exceed the number of residents. The ration of dolls to residents is 10:1. The dolls are made by Tsukimi Ayano locals who began the work ages ago. Whenever some one dies or moves away from the village, a doll that resembles them is made in their memory and then put at strategic places like in riverbanks, chill-zones, on trees, classrooms, in old boats if they were fishermen and so on.

3. Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island located in Sao Paulo is one of the most dangerous islands in the world. The island was separated around 11,000 years ago after a historic rise in sea level. It is filled with many aggressive and poisonous snakes, especially the lancehead vipers. According to studies, there are about 1-5 snakes per square meter. Due to lack of enough foods on the ground, the snakes hunt for birds from treetops. The snakes evolved with more poisonous venoms than their mainland counterparts. This is because they found it hard to prey and ready their venoms at the same time. Studies shows that their venoms can kill their their prey within 5 seconds and are capable of melting human flesh. The Brazilian government has prohibited the public from going to the island.

4. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Also known as 'Suicide Forest', Aokigahara Forest is located in Yamanashi Prefecture. The forest has a tormenting history and is rated the world's second most spot for suicide cases after the Golden Gate Bridge. In 2010 alone, there were 247 suicide cases reported from the Aokigahara Forest. In Japanese mythology, this thick forest is associated with demons. Some people blame the suicide cases on the Japanese people for associating the forest with demons. Due to its thick bushes and dense trees, the few explorers that have been there mark their path with ropes so as to find their way out.

5. Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

This is a hill in Siauliai, Lithuania where people have been pitching crosses since the 14th century. During the medieval era, the crosses signified a desire for Lithuanian self-rule. From 1831 after the peasant uprising, people have been pitching the crosses in memory of the dead. With more than 100,000 crosses and ever roaring breeze, the place is termed scary. This is also because of the sound made by lose crosses when the the wind is blowing.

6. Island Of The Dolls, Mexico

Known by the locals as 'Isla de las Munecas', the Island of the Dolls is found in Xochimilco in Mexico and hosts thousands of dolls and doll parts. The dolls are scattered among trees and grasses. The island used to be the official residence of the late Julian Santa Barrera. Julian once found a dead girl's body in the island collected dolls and placed them in different places with the intention of keeping off evil spirits. Only a few people have set foot there since the incident. Most people pay boat owners to take them there and only view it from the boat.

7. Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

Taylor Glacier is termed as a geological crime scene due to its crimson red waterfall. According to geologists, it dates back to five million years ago when a glacier covered a lake full of microbe. Lacking oxygen and light, the lake below the glacier gradually became concentrated with iron and salt. The salinity of the water is much higher than that of oceans. Salt keeps it from freezing and the iron is responsible for its blood-like colour. The scene is like a pool of blood from a callous massacre.

8. Beelitz-Heilstatten Hospital, Germany

Beelitz-Heilstatten Hospital is an old hospital in Germany which used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium from the late 1890s. It also acted as a storage of machine guns and mustard gas used in both the first and second World Wars. Wounded soldiers were also treated there and some left to die after getting serious and life-threatening injuries. Today, some of its wards are still being used as centres for rehabilitating victims of neurological disorders. Those that have visited the abandoned parts of the hospital have described it as 'smelling of death' with scary whispers and sounds. Some people have linked the whispers to people talking in the other wards being used and the sounds are from rats. Others express different opinions.

9. Hanging Coffins, Philippines

Hanging Coffins is an elevated cemetery found at Sagada in Philippines. The locals bury their dead by attaching the coffins to cliff sides in a cross-section manner. Whenever people visit their deceased family or friends, they look upwards and not the normal downwards. It is a long history of tradition where people made their own coffins, keep them and upon death get buried next to their ancestors. The locals still do that. There are many coffins which are hundreds of years and for this reason, people still pay tribute to their forefathers. Every coffin was made by those resting in them. For the locals, it is mandatory that you make your own coffin in which you'll be sent off in.

10. The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

Found in the middle of the Karakum desert at Derweze in Turkmenistan, the Door To Hell is a 230-foot-wide massive crater that has been continuously burning for around 50 years. It dates back to 1971 when the Soviet scientists hit a methane reserve as they were looking for oil. The platform for drilling collapse forming the crater which is still releasing dangerous gas into the air. The researchers worsened it when they lit fire to burn the methane. Scientists estimate that it will continue to burn for another 250 years.

11. Capuchin Catacombs, Italy

Also known by the locals as Sicily's Catacombe dei Cappucini, the Capuchin Catacombs is one of the scariest catacombs in the world. It is located in Perlamo in Italy. It was created in 16th century after the cemetery of Capuchin monastery got filled up. First it was only the dead church members being mummified there but it later became the preference of many locals. Many residents are still being mummified there upon death in there best attire. It has many corridors with more than 8,000 corpses. The corridors are divided into different parts for religious people, small children, young adults, married people and for virgin girls. It is like an exhibition of dead corpses hanging in the corridors, fresh and archaic human bodies.

12. Veijo Ronkkonen Sculpture Garden, Finland

The late Veijo Ronkkonen was a popular and talented folk artists in Finland. Despite his creative art, he never liked displaying his artistic work to the public. He made a collection of about 500 sculptures in his backyard. In the garden, there are around 200 figures performing yoga exercises. These are just part of many of his mind-engaging works. He was famous for curving strange sculptures like a nun creeping behind a bush stealing a look at a naked man.

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