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Turkana County Beautiful Places to Visit During Vacations

Turkana county is in northern part of Kenya bordered by three countries; Uganda, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. And also one of the largest county. Its headquarter is located in Lodwar town which connect the great north road to the northern part of Africa.

Its climatic condition is known to support pastoralism as the main activity. And Acacia, shrubs etc., are the main vegetation available thus experiencing little amount of rainfall per year.

Turkana remain to be the county with wonders with its numerous attractions sites and resources. Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit while in Turkana;

1. Lake Turkana.

Lake Turkana is the largest desert lake in the world, and it's also known as L. Rudolf during the colonial period. It drains its waters from river Omo in Ethiopia. As Fishing activity is largely carried out in a near place called Kalokol.

2. Eliye Spring.

Eliye is a recreational place during holiday seasons because of the sandy beach, as well as its geographical location. It's a sparsely populated area which provides a clean and secure environment for vacation.

It has a spring that drains its waters from the underground, thus being the main source of water to a nearby village.

3. Nariokotome.

One of the most visited tourist attraction site that is known as a cradle for human kind. It's a remarkable place that regards the first Turkana boy to have existed in the year BC. However, marks the history of evolution of Turkana people.

4. Turkwel Gorge.

Turkwel gorge dam channels its waters to river turkwel which has influenced the development of Katilu irrigation scheme located in Turkana South. Thus supporting agriculture activity in Turkana, as it's also the main source of electricity production in the country.

5. Ekaales Centre.

The first impression on how live with Turkana people is to understand their culture since it's always welcoming and peaceful irregardless of your race.

Ekaales centre is a place where Turkana people come together to celebrate their culture heritage involving rememberance of the long forgotten ways of life. And also having a discussion on how to employ peace in the county and the country. It takes place every year in a month of August in a 1 week duration.

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