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6 Places Where Tourists Don’t Want To Visit Ever Again

Statue of Juliet in Verona, Italy

Legends claimed that touching the hand or the right breast of Juliet will bring you luck in finding true love. The place is always packed with tourist which can really spoil your impression of the romantic place. The breast and the wrist of the statue are regularly damaged because of all the touching and “handshakes” from the thousands of love seeking tourists.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Denmark

It was previous located directly on a rock in the harbor of Copenhagen, but today it’s not easy to see the statue. Copenhagen officials decided to move the statue several meters in 2007, away out into the harbor to avoid vandalism and to prevent tourist from climbing on it. The size of the statue is what really upsets the tourists because they expected to see a majestic monument but they only found a mermaid that is only 1.25 m tall.

Berlin TV Tower, Germany

If you observe the deck from the tallest building in Berlin, it doesn’t actually meets the expectations of visitors who wait for almost 2 hours in the long line and pay €16.50 or sometimes €21.5 for a skip the line ticket which, due to poor organization rarely works. Dirty windows, crowds of tourists and an overpriced TV tower bar are a massive disappointment for every tourist.

Ubud rice field in Bali

It is a very famous place among tourists, it’s probably the reason why tourists have to spend money on literally everything including the entry, photographs and even a ride on a swing. To add on that, the swings are placed very low and there are so many tourist that it’s almost impossible to walk along the narrow paths.

The Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland

It is believed that the Temple Bar is a must visit place when coming to Dublin. In the evenings, there’s always a huge line and you will have to wait for hours to get into the bar, which so busy and full of people that the employees can barely manage to clean and take orders. The bar is really just overpriced and overrated and is not popular among the locals.

Beaches in Indonesia, India, and Thailand

People rarely leave their hotel area and mainly prefer to visit tourist during their vacations in the golden sands of Thailand, Indonesia and India. But if they happens to get outside the tourist areas, they’ll hardly recognize these countries. The site of the streets and the sea beaches are very dirty. The most disturbing thing is that both the tourists and the local residents themselves pollute the seashores.

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