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Countries That Does Not Allow Israeli Citizens To Step On Their Soil

According to the KPG magazine, the Israeli passport is now ranked 22nd and allows visa-free travel to 164 countries and territories. Due to a long-standing conflict that has existed since Israel's independence, 12 nations have imposed entry bans on Israeli nationals.

For the time being, Israelis are unable to go to certain destinations, which include Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen. These nations do not recognize Israel as a state and so refuse to accept Israeli passport holders.

Israelis do not need a visa to go to up to 140 countries around the world at the moment. At the border checkpoint, travellers are normally asked to display a valid Israeli passport.

Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Lebanon, and Yemen have been listed as "enemy states" under Israeli legislation, and Israeli citizens are not permitted to travel to those countries without prior approval from the ministry of the interior.

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