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Here Is The Best City In Kenya (Photos)

Kenya is one of the currently developing countries in Africa. It has three big cities that is Nairobi which happens to be the capital city of Kenya,Kisumu city and Mombasa City.

However, among them,they have been striving to be the best following how rapidly development is being witnessed in the said cities making them compete for being the best among them all.

Despite their struggle on becoming the best, there must be one which outsmart all of them and that is Mombasa City. Mombasa city has been regarded as the best city in Kenya inspire of not being the capital city of Kenya.

Mombasa city is alleged to be the oldest city in Kenya having started in the 900 AD. It is the second largest city after Nairobi based on the size.

Mombasa city has come to be the best in terms of infrastructure being seen in the city. It has some of the best hotels in the country following the fact that it is the major tourist attractions region in Kenya. This is due to its location a long the Indian ocean.

It's ability to attract many tourists have made it be refered to as the White and Blue city. It is said to always have the best climate worth enjoying. It has the best roads compared to the other two cities. The security in the region is well maintained and this is one of the reasons of increased number of tourists visiting the city.

Here are some of the photos of Mombasa that makes it the best among all the three cities in Kenya.

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