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The cost of hiring the worlds only private jet Boeing 787 Dreamliner per hour

The world's most luxurious private jet complete with high tech amenities a master bedroom and enough room for 40 people is truly one of a kind and it cost an estimated £230 million to produce.

The commercial Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft can usually carry between 240 and 335 passengers but the purpose of this model is a little bit different.

With the tongue in cheek registration plate "2 DEER," the aircraft has been gutted and fully renovated to include market leading technological innovations ncluding remote controlled blinds and furniture dimmable lighting and an extra spacious shower.

The commercial aircraft turned private-jet is the only one of its kind and costs around £55,800 that is an equivalent of &74,000 an hour to hire.

What do you think about this place. Is it the real deal and what about the cost. You can share your thoughts views opinions and experiences in the comments section below. Don't forget to like follow and share.

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