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The Most Beautiful But Dangerous Places In Mombasa.

Mombasa is the epicenter of tourism in Kenya.Beaches and world class hotel is what makes the city a place for everyone.However,besides many beautiful features in the coastal region, some places have recorded high crime and drug abuse rate.Such setbacks makes these places to be dangerous for everyone especially the visitors.

Below are some Places that are dangerous in Mombasa:

1.Nyali Bridge.

This bridge connects Mombasa Island to the mainland.It covers a total of 400 meters across the Indian Ocean.It may seem like a nice place for one to view the ocean while taking pictures. However,this is impossible because there are thugs who target mobile phones,wallets and handbags.The thugs are also good swimmers who can jump into the ocean when confronted by the mob.

2.Kenya Ferry.

This is a nice place to enjoy a free ride across the Indian Ocean and enjoy the coolest breeze in the middle of the ocean.However the dangers in this place include: pick pocketing,who are always targeting personal items such as; phones,wallet and money.There are accidents that are associated with using the ferry such as vehicles plunging into the ocean.


These are beautiful places that you can enjoy with your family.The activities here involves swimming and beach football.The people who are always affected are ladies.They are always tricked to engage in sexual activities without knowing.Some of these boys trick them by pretending to be teach them how to swim.

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