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The Upcoming 70Million Luxurious Hotel Set To Open In Narok

Rosenberg palace hotel is the upcoming most beautiful and luxurious hotel in Narok.It has been under construction in the last two years and it is expected to commence its operations in early September.The hotel was designed by an Ex-NYS engineer who constructed it.It took him almost three months to design it and one year to construct it.It is owned by the former Kenyan MP currently working as businessman in Narok.The construction of this hotel costed worth ksh70Million.

The hotel has more than twenty three rooms and each room can accommodate a maxmum of more than ten people.It has swimming pool for recreational activities.Being constructed at the top of the mountain nearby the road,it has become more attractive to many residents as well as tourists from other countries.The hotel is expected to have highest number of visitors because of tourists who come to maasaimara game park.

The opening of this hotel will help in boosting the economy of this country by raising alot of income from its customers.Also it will help in creation of employment opportunity for many people in the area.Some will get employed as caters and waiters.

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