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Beautiful places to visit in Machakos County.

Machakos County or 'Macha' as its fondly referred to by Kenyans is located in the Eastern region of kenya. Its largest ethnic group is the Akamba community who pride themselves in their generous and welcoming nature.

If you are looking to tour the area, here are some places you might consider visiting:

Kituluni Gravity Hill.

People refer to it as the magnetic or the magic hill. This place is known for its defiance of whatever you learnt in Physics. The gravititational pull here will shock you as it goes the complete opposite of what you are used to.

Water when poured here goes up the hill as opposed to going downhill. When you engage the neutral gear here, the car will go uphill. A stone rolled also goes uphill not downhill. Dan Nyariri who visited the place said, '' Its an interesting place to visit to see Isaac Newtons law of gravity defeated. We discovered that both peaks that face each other have the same effect. The roads going to the place are also in good condition. Visit the place and see the wonders of nature.''

Machakos peoples park.

This is such a nice place to visit as a family with a range of activities for both kids and adults. enjoy maze horse riding and zip lining. Most activities are 100bob with zip lining at 500. There is a hotel on site but you can carry your food and have a picnic as there are lots of sitting spaces. The road to the park is good.

Mua Hills.

The hills are located near the famous Machakos Junction. They are small hills with thorny bushes and vegetation. The hills are ideal for hiking and picnic activities, more so for those hiking for the first time.

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park.

Locals call it Kyanzavi. It is located approximately 73 kms from Nairobi. The park is dominated by a small mountain covered in montane forest. Buffalos, over 45 bird species, leopards, bushbucks,Olive baboons, aardvarks, porcupines, monitor lizards and pythons are the main attractions at the park. The Macmillan gravesite is also located within the park. While here, you also get to see the famous Fourteen Falls.

Full-Day Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park Small-Group Tour 2021 - Nairobi

Iveti Hills.

Did you know that Iveti Hill is one of the highest hills in Machakos County? This being the second highest peak in the county, the hill boasts of a thick montane forest rich in cedar and pine trees. The forest is also home to small herbivores and is ideal for hiking, camping and picnics.

Recline by campsite fires at night and watch the stars on a clear sky or see a blanket of clouds pass by above the trees while mist creeps in around you. Almost at the top of the forest hill on a dusty road junction you will find the famous “miti muonza” (seven trees) which have been there over eight decades.Hike + Lunch @ksh 2,650pp Iveti Hills Machakos County, Kalakala safaris,  Nairobi, March 3 2018 |

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