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Rjukan, town in Norway that does not receive sunlight for 5 months.

Rjukan,a town located 3 hours from, Oslo Norway is said to be one of the darkest towns.

There are around 3,386 inhabitants in Rjukan, a town that got its name from the Rjukan Falls -a 104-meter waterfall that provides easy access to generating large quantities of electricity.

Rjukan does not receive sunlight due to the mountains surrounding it, that is from September to March.

In fact, it is almost always bright in Rjukan except for December and January but this applies to almost the entire Norway because of the midnight sun. What is different about Rjukan is the fact that the mountains surrounding the town do not provide any direct sunlight, making the town rather flat and mono.

Atleast so that the locals could receive sunlight, the town spent 5million Norwegian kroner(approximately ksh 64million) to install mirrors.

The mirrors also act as solar panels.

The idea of the sun mirror was first suggested by the founder of the town, Mr. Sam Eyde, back in 1913. He understood the importance of the sun and tried to create a sun mirror but unfortunately, he did not make it. According to Norway’s tourism site, “The idea was taken up again in 2005 by Martin Andersen, an artist and resident of the town. In 2013, the mirror was officially installed – 100 years after the idea.

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