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Plane Crash

Remember Kenya Airways Plane Crash That Killed 169 People? Here Is What Happened

Many individuals believe that movies are the only way to fully comprehend plane crashes. Most individuals cannot understand how a plane disaster occurs because many cannot afford to travel in it.

Instead, when tragedy happens, it catches the attention of a globe in mourning as well as a country or continent.

Plane crashes have always snatched the attention of the human residents of planet Earth because they have claimed hundreds of lives of people who scarcely come from one nation, race, or gender.

Tragically, airline crashes have caused pain in Africa, a continent with a rapidly expanding economy. Others involved its planes and resulted in the deaths of its online users.

What is Kenya Airways most tragic plane crash?

This was the greatest air tragedies to ever affect Kenya's aviation sector. 169 out of the 179 individuals on board KQ Flight 431, which was traveling to Nairobi at the time of the incident at around 9:00 PM on January 30, 2000, perished.

The stall alarm began to sound ten seconds after the aircraft lifted off from the airport and continued for around 20 seconds before the crew manually turned it off. This passenger plane left the airfield at Felix Houphouet Boigny airport in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean three seconds later. At 84, Nigerians made up the majority of those who died in the incident, followed by 20 Kenyans and the rest from other nations.

How many Kenyans survived?

Only one of the ten survivors was a Kenyan, and the families of the fatalities were served by Kenya Airways.

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