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Puzzling Bridge In The Country Where One Must Pass Whilst Dead Silent To Avoid Falling And Dying

Kenya is indeed the land of wonders. If you doubt this, then you should visit Western Kenya whereby there is a swinging bridge that connects two counties. What makes this foot bridge special is that it has remained strong despite being made by only ropes and woods in the 90's

This is none other than Mufunje Bridge which connects Kakamega County and Bungoma County. Under the bridge is the vast and deep River Nzoia whose breeze makes this Mufunje to swing dangerously. By this, it is evident that crossing this bridge is not for the faint hearted

Residents who use this bridge are well aware of the golden rule that is needed whenever you cross this bridge to avoid falling into Nzoia River. While crossing this bridge, one is required to be dead silent since residents believe that noise might awaken the spirits of the dead in Nzoia River which will make one to fall and eventually die.

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