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Six mysterious features in the world

World Creatures and features at times happens in a unique way. This features attracts tourists from all over the world. There are mysterious things that people would not believe untill they visit the epic area and have the first hand informations. Here are 6 mysterious features in the world and the region they are located.

1. Wilhhelmshohe palace and park, Germany.

Most people believe that the tall building do not exist. They believe that they only exaggerate in videos. The palace and park in Germany is sorrounded by green terrain put on the map by Brothers Grimm. The palace is a UNESCO world heritage that is covering 600 metres square. It has got waterfalls and greenhouses. This attracts a lot of tourists.

2. Travertine pools of Turkey.

In small town of Pamukkale there exist thousands of dozen terraces of pools which is the most spectaculars phenomenons. It also exists spring waters which has a temperature of 95 degree to 112degrees.

3. Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA.

This came as an accident. The geyser came to existence after an irrigation opportunities were exploded near black rock desert Nevada. The was spring produces hot water. The water was to raise agricultural production in the region.

4. Rainfall mountain Peru.

A Rainbow mountain Peru creates a spectacular scene where it forms the the seven colours of a rainfall that attracts tourist from various parts. The mountain colours shows that the region is rich in minerals.

5 Red beach Panjin China.

Any beach of any colour is an attraction of many people. The Red beach in China attracts tourist during summer. It is 18miles south of Panjin city. It is a reed wetland covering a river Delta. The weeds that are covering the wetland are called seep weed. The beach is green in winter but during summer it turns red as it flowers.

6. Lake Hellier, Australia.

This is body of water that looks so delicious. It is situated in south australia. Instead of clear blue water the water looks like a strawberry. The reason for the color is not 100% known but it is assumed that it is due to micro organisms called Dunaliella Salina and parasites.

Content created and supplied by: Kenkan#kenya (via Opera News )

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