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Great News As The Kenyan Passport Is Ranked In This Position

The New Kenyan E-Passport – AKOTHEE SAFARIS

The Kenyan passport has performed admirably in Africa according to the ranking for 2023, but overall it received an average rating worldwide.

Kenyan passport is now listed at number 73 in the world according to a survey by UK-based global citizenship and residence advice business Henley & Partners.

The study evaluates all 199 of the world's passports according to the number of places its holders may enter without a previous visa using data from the International Air Transport Association (ITATA).

According to the Henley ranking, Japanese nationals enjoy the broadest access since 193 countries do not require visas for entry.

Afghanistan has the weakest passport, allowing its nationals to travel to only 27 countries without a visa.

According to a survey by Henley & Partners, travellers with Kenyan passports would be able to enter 73 countries in 2023 without a visa.

Due to its inhabitants' ability to travel to 106 countries without a visa, the South African passport was named the strongest in all of Africa.

The poorest passport in Africa belongs to Somalia, whose nationals may only travel to 35 places without a visa.

According to the Henley ranking, the top ten best African passports for 2023 are as follows:-

1.South Africa ( 106 visa-free destinations)

2.Botswana ( 87 visa-free destinations)

3.Namibia ( 79 visa-free destinations)

4.Lesotho ( 77 visa-free destinations)

5. eSwatini ( 75 visa-free destinations)

6.Malawi ( 74 visa-free destinations)

7. Kenya ( 73 visa-free destinations)

8. Tanzania 8. ( 72 visa-free destinations)

9.Zambia 9. ( 71 visa-free destinations)

10. Tunisia 10. ( 70 visa-free destinations)

11. Uganda ( 67 visa-free destinations)

The Henley index predicts that the following ten African passports will be among the poorest in 2023:

1. Somalia ( 35 visa-free destinations)

2. Libya ( 41 visa-free destinations)

3. Sudan and Congo (Dem. Rep. ( 42 visa-free destinations)

5. South Sudan and Eritrea ( 44 visa-free destinations)

7. Nigeria and Ethiopia ( 46 visa-free destinations)

9.Djibouti ( 48 visa-free destinations)

10. Liberia (Rep.) Congo ( 49 visa-free destinations).

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