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Kenya Railways Responds After Nairobi Train Stalled Mid-Journey

Passengers headed to Nairobi from Lukenya were on the morning of Thursday, October 21, left stranded after the train they were travelling in halted mid-journey.

Taking to web-based media, the travelers lamented that the train had stalled for over 60 minutes.

In an assertion, Kenya Railways clarified that the train had slowed down because of a mechanical issue and that its technicians were working to restore the services. "We are experiencing an undue delay on our train plying the Lukenya station to Nairobi Central station route because of a mechanical problem”.

"Our technicians are attending to it and we will resume the trip shortly. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused," read the statement to some extent.

Right now, there are two trains that use the Lukenya to Nairobi route, with the first leaving at 5:45am to arrive at 7:40am.

The last train leaves at 7:00am and is scheduled to show up at 8:55am. The two trains run every work day.

The train slowed down at around 6:45am, a couple of meters past Athi River, with the residents complaining that they would probably get behind schedule for work. "Lukenya to Nairobi train has halted to take a rest for the last 10 or so minutes just past Athi River. I hope it will not take such a long time so we don't arrive behind schedule for work. Kenya Railways isn't communicating anything as usual," expressed Michael Otieka.

Different travelers claim that the stall went on for over 60 minutes.

Over the past year, trains have increasingly been experiencing malfunctions with the most recent case having occurred in June 2021.

A cargo train that was heading to Nairobi from Nanyuki on Saturday, June 12, stalled at Chuka in Nyeri County. The train had developed mechanical problems.

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