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"Heaven In Earth," See The Photos Of Most Beautiful 10 Places And Roads In The World.

Have you ever visited a place and wished to go back there again? I believe you have ever. However, you have never got the best joy if you have never being in this 16 beautiful places. They are considered as among the best place in the world.

This Places include.

1. Dubai and their roads - This country has the most cute roads in the world. They are well built to ensure the town is free from traffic jam. They are the best roads to drive on and you can enjoy viewing them.

2. Texas super highways. Texas has among the best highways in USA. If you miss one lane, you might find yourself in another state. They have the best view you can enjoy.

3. Canada - Most of their roads pass under well landscaped beautiful trees. They have the best joy driving there.

4. London - This is another best place to be. They have the best airline cables and I can guarantee you a lot of happiness when you are there.

5. Qatar - They have the largest tower in the world, the Burj where you get the best view of the ocean waters.

6. Singapore - It is the country with the most beautiful flowers. It is among the best place to chill with your family and friends.

7. Switzerland - How about driving on a road near an ocean and on the bottom of the most greeny hills. If you want a cool drive, Swizz is the place to go.

8. Denmark - They have a place they call the Green estate where people live together in harmony. The homes are well fenced with a green circular fence.

9. Japan roads - Is it possible for a road to pass inside a building? Yes, Japan has made it. They also have the largest highways passing in the ocean. The tower tunnel is the place to visit and see for yourself.

10. Norway - To see the best homes built in oceans, valleys and hills, visit Norway. A cool place to be.

In need this are the places we refer as "Heaven in Earth" very much impressive and cool.

Would you love to visit those places and where you would like to visit? Share with us your views in the comments area, share this article with your friends and kindly follow us for more great articles.

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