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Kenyan Facts; Do You Know What? The Kisiis Are The Kenyan Tribe Who allegedly Are Travelling Their Native Home Mostly.

(picture courtesy of).We can bet on this if you carefully assess on which community visits their home frequently especially from Nairobi it's the Kisii people.Whether on weekends, month ends or on daily basis they travel back to their native home.Furthermore if you do a good research you'll come to notice that they possess a good number of comfortable,affordable bus,shuttle companies in the Nairobi Kisii itinerary.They are proud of themselves and it's very rare for the travel companies to hike fares to the different destinations in Kisii.Sometimes the buses even travel half full of passengers but they must take their proud people back home.We know you may say that if we see the bus half full it's due to following the social distancing rule set to curb the spread of covid 19 but thats not the point because it's been monitored since time when the novel virus had not emerged.They've got bus companies with the likes of the magnificent Ena coach,the transline classic, the galaxy coach,Nyamira coach,Kisii pelican classic,Otange and much more varieties.Leave alone going home via the public means just take some minutes in a place like Maai mahiu and you'll see them cruising to Kisii with big powerful Japanese machines mostly the landcruiser VX,V8 and the range of Prados though some may be to their adjacent neighbours the Kalenjins of the south rift.Truely they love their home and it's good to do so.They are not like other people who go home only in December and attending burials only."Wacha watu wapende kwao bwana"Waakire?Comments please.

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