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You Don't Have To Look For A Cyber To File Your KRA Nil Returns. You Can Do It Using Your Phone

At times you might be unable to access a cyber when you need online services like filing your KRA returns. Thanks to the advancement of technology because you can now use your phone to access almost all cyber services like filing your KRA returns. To file your KRA returns using your phone, do the following:

1. You need a smartphone and an active internet connection. Then access the google play store in your phone and find itax application. 

2. Download the application after finding it in the google play store and install it.

3. Open the application and a pop up window will appear that tells you to enter your KRA pin and itax password. Enter them correctly to proceed.

4. After you are logged in successfully, click "Home" then choose "Income tax" option.

5. Click on the "File Nil Return" then click "Submit" to proceed with the process.

6. You will receive a message from KRA that requires your confirmation. The message reads as follows, "Are you sure you want to file Nil Return?"

7. Click "OK" to confirm your request and you will be done filing your KRA nil returns.

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