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5 mistakes we all make when using smartphone

Smartphones are not without their drawbacks. However, in many instances, its disadvantages outweigh its positives. And, if we are not careful, its benefits can result in a plethora of health complications. To help you prevent these issues, I've compiled a list of common smartphone mistakes and how to avoid them.

The following are some of the blunders we make while using our smartphones.


1. Prolonged blue light exposure

The blue light from your smartphone's screen suppresses the hormone that governs the body's sleep cycle. Blue light has been associated with headaches and visual problems. Reduce the quantity of blue light on your screen if necessary.

2. Using it when there is no strong signal

Using a smartphone with a poor signal is hazardous to your health. To avoid any health risks, try to use your phone with a strong or strong signal.


3. Keeping it as close to your skin as possible

Keeping your phone close to your body exposes your skin to minute amounts of heat generated by the phone, which can be damaging to your skin.


4. Sleeping with it

Smartphones incorporate electromagnetic transmitters and receivers. These waves are extremely powerful, and if exposed for an extended period of time, they can cause damage to the brain.

When you sleep, try to entirely switch off your phone, leave it in another room, or put it on airplane mode.


5. Bad posture while looking at a smartphone screen

By bending your neck forward to view the screen of your phone, you place strain on your cervical spine, which can degrade over time.

After a few days, the weight on your neck may seem five times as heavy as your actual head weight. As a result, poor posture and neck pain may occur. Keep your phone at eye level and your neck as straight as possible as a protective precaution.

These are the errors we commit when we use our smartphones. These errors have been rectified in the preceding sentences and paragraphs.

Content created and supplied by: Kimlyd (via Opera News )


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