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The Only phone Code You should Never Dial Before Confirming.

Our phone are one of major devices we always depend on for quick communication. Sometimes we only bother to know the basic of our phones without going deeper than social media, calling and texting. There are other features incorporated in our phones inorder to deliver good and quick services to the user. Among these services we have quick codes which can help you complete task within short period and without using long process. Some of the codes are very Irreversible hence you must confirm first. They include

1. Restore factory code. *#*#7780#*#*

This code is used to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Before dialing this code you must confirm first that you want to do so because the process is Irreversible. This code deletes all your data from your phone, from gallery to music. It transforms your phone system to it's original form as it were before you buy it.

2. Code *2767*3855#

This is a more extreme version of the same of restore factory reset tool. Using it will reset absolutely everything on the phone, deleting anything on its internal storage and reinstalling the phone’s firmware. Thanks for reading this article.

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