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10 Hidden Features In Smartphones That You Probably Know Nothing About

1. Cloning of mobile apps

Cloning is simply creating another one That looks similar to the original one. This is very essential especially when you more than one account either of the social media accounts. So you can simply clone the app and use other credentials and have access of all your accounts on the same device.

2. Using your phone as a weighing scale

Have you ever known that you can actually use your phone to weigh small objects. This however requires some special app that can be accessed by any Android user and iPhone user. You only need to install the app and then ensure the weight is not the one that cannot be carried by the phone.

3. Opening Two Windows on your phone

Do you know that it's actually to open multiple windows with your smartphone but in this case only a maximum of 2. Probably you want to Google search something and at the same time you're reading a book. Just open the exact app, then hold the task list key which is found on the right-side of the home button. This is however limited to some specific Smartphones and now all Smartphones can be able to work in this manner.

4. Affordable and Portable scanner

A sure that many of you know this and you might have even used it already. It is actually possible to scan a document using your phone camera and send it directly to the recipient. It may require one to download the specific app that enables this.

5. An Unlimited kind of search

With your smartphone you can search for anything by simply taking the photo of the object you are intending to search. This one however requires a special app known as the Google Goggles.

With this app on your smartphone, you can take a photo of anything using your smartphone camera and Google goggles will help you with the relevant information about it. You can take photos of various foods, plants and other things.

6. Linking two phones

Linking two phones used to be impossible but time has proved that nothing is impossible. The invention of the One-Touch-Go commonly known as the OTG has made it a possibility. You actually fix one of the phones with a female USB adapter and the other one with a micro USB cable and Voila. The phones simply identify the cable and there you can do file transfers and other things.

7. Switching phone into safe mode

Safe mode will help you identify and also remove any errors from any software. For one to enable this mode, you simply witch on your phone and then press the power button and hold it. After you've done that a menu will appear and there you press the power off button and hold it. Safe mode will appear and then you can click OK.

8. Accessing Google maps while offline

You could be in need o direction and maybe you don't have the internet or any internet access. The best thing to do is fr you to download online maps on your device. With the maps on your device, you only need a to switch your GPS on and you will find your location even when you're offline.

10. Use your phone instead of credit cards

Do you know that instead of walking around with your credit card, you can simply connect your device to your credit card with the help of NFC modules. You can make any purchases anywhere.

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