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Stop Charging Your Phone At Night, Here Is Why

For the convenience of starting the day with a fully charged phone, many people prefer to charge their devices overnight. It's pretty uncommon for people with early trips to charge their phones the night before so that they don't have to worry about being out and about without service. While it's understandable that you'd like to keep in touch with friends and family all day long, doing so may be too taxing on your battery. Therefore, the longevity of your phone may be shorter than expected.

You probably won't be able to set your alarm for the time your phone will be fully charged. At that time, the guy will be sleeping soundly and will be difficult to awaken. So, from night till morning, you can rest well knowing your phone is turned off. For the sake of the user's safety and the battery's longevity, this is a bad idea. It goes without saying that the phone won't survive long until the battery dies. A defective battery's rapid discharge is a telltale sign of its impending failure. As soon as it reaches full charge, it will tell you that it has to be recharged again within an hour.

After a year of overnight charging, your phone will have been in contact with raw power for about three or four months without being disconnected. Since the battery is under excessive stress, its capacity will quickly deplete. Your battery won't last a year if you overcharge it every time you use it.

It is used by some consumers since the phone is automatically switched off once it has been charged. When the battery level reaches 100%, the phone will stop accepting a charge. This is no longer secure because it will begin charging the phone when its battery drops below 99%. Because of this, the battery will be constantly being charged, which will eventually cause it to die. A higher temperature is reached as the phone is charged longer. Over time, the phone's behavior will become increasingly unpredictable, and it will become useless. Prior to this point, prompt action is required.

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