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Do You Want To Save Your Phones Battery Life? Here Is The Secret

One of the most bothersome things is having to constantly charge your phone! When was the last time you charged your phone? There's a good possibility you're charging it right now, hoping it'll last longer.

In most cases, we have smartphones, which incur additional charges when you decide to replace the battery because non-removable batteries necessitate the services of a professional. The good news is that there are several methods you may employ to extend the life of your phone's battery.

Dim the lights.

A smartphone's screen uses the most battery charge, therefore it's one of the simplest ways to save your phone power. When you're not using your phone, you should reduce the screen's brightness manually, which you can do on both iOS and Android phones.

Disable location services

Location apps like Google Maps drain your phone's power unnecessarily. When you are not using your phone, make sure you turn off location services.

Install battery-saving apps.

Battery-saving apps assist you in identifying which apps on your phone are draining the battery. Some of these apps provide choices for adjusting settings like brightness and location, which can help you get more battery life out of your device.

Apps must be removed.

Unnecessary apps on your phone consume modest amounts of battery power throughout the day, but they add up over time. Go through your phone and uninstall any apps you don't use.

Reduce your camera usage.

People spend hours during the day shooting photos and videos of themselves, thanks to the development of selfies. Using your phone's camera, particularly with the flash, can quickly deplete your battery.

Take control of your apps.

Have you ever looked through your phone's settings to see which apps consume the most battery power? You should, because some of these background-running programs deplete your battery faster than you realize. To see which apps are consuming your battery, go to your phone's settings main menu, scroll down to "about phone," and press it. Select 'battery use' from the menu and review the list of apps that are draining your battery.

Disable vibrations.

Did you know that vibrations consume more energy than ringtones? To save battery life, set your phone to silent mode or the usual ringtone without vibration.

Don't charge your phone completely.

Charging your phone to 100% is bad for the battery, especially if you do it overnight. This is because once the battery reaches 100% charge, it begins to drain. To help your phone's battery live longer, experts recommend charging it to about 90%.

Use the power-saving mode.

You may extend the battery life of your phone by putting it in low power mode. Most phones nowadays have a power-saving mode, which comes in handy when your phone's battery is ready to die.

Content created and supplied by: AbigaelOngaga (via Opera News )

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