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Why You Should Avoid the Darkweb

Not everyone on the dark web is doing something criminal, in some ways this corner of the internet gets a bad name and research has shown that many of the darkest things supposedly happening in the dark web have been exaggerated.

It's well known that many people mainly the younger generation go there to buy illegal substances that may have otherwise procured on the street and people with strange inclination visit this place to chat with others that share their fascination with what we might call the more eccentric aspects of life.

Most part of the internet we visit to, makes 10% of the internet we know with much of the rest of the internet we call the deep web, which is just the part of the world wide web that is not indexed by search engines such as google.

Dark web and deep web are not the same in the sense that the dark web is just a small part of the deep web, with their search sites ending with .onion which are accessible by a browser known an the tor browser.

In the dark web illegal activities happen there so authorities keep an eye on the place which is a reason you should not visit the site for you not to land into trouble with authorities. Another reason why you should not visit the place is, there are creepy videos you might never be able to forget of people being hurt with those watching making obscene comments which might leave you traumatized. Some links in the site may be misleading hence you might click them leading you to taking part in some criminal activities without your knowledge or getting some malware's which might leave you vulnerable to hacking.

Lastly the tor browser that accesses those sites has been cracked a couple of times and when you visit the site your url may be seen leaving you not being anonymous and other vulnerabilities.

So have you ever visited the dark sites or would you wish some day to?

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