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How to Call a Private Phone Number

Majority of people have gotten calls from callers they don't know. Because you can't see the caller's phone number, this circumstance can be quite stressful. There are a few methods that may be used to determine the private number phoning them without much difficulty. It may appear challenging, but it isn't. Today, I'll discuss how to figure out who is phoning your phone from a private number.

In Kenya, how can I dial a private number?

Callers can dial private numbers in Kenya in a few different methods. Dialing #31# before a phone number you want to call is the simplest and most successful method.

What to Do If You Have a Private Phone Number

Following are the steps:

#31# is the phone number to call.

Include the entire phone number you wish to contact. #31#07 is a good example of this. ********

To make a call, simply press the Call button.

Your number will be hidden under terms like "Blocked," "No Caller ID," or "Private."

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