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ICT Ministry: Prepare For Internet Disruptions Over The Next 6 Weeks

The government has announced through the ministry of ICT that there will be internet disruptions due to relocation of fibre optic cable from the Nairobi-Mau summit which is meant to pave the way for the construction of  Kenyan shillings 160 billion dual carriageway starting in September.

The ICT Principal Secretary stated that Kenyans should expect the disruptions to last for a period of a month and a half. "State Department of ICT and Innovation will undertake the relocation of fibre infrastructure to minimise downtime, it will take up to six weeks and there will be disruptions during the period,” 

" The same way power lines will be relocated, is the same way fibre optic will be relocated since technology is now part and parcel of our lives,” he said

"Once the relocation is complete, the project will continue to deliver socio-economic transformation and help develop a huge information highway from the heart of Kenya to the rest of the country.” Ochieng added.

This development by the government has left majority of  Kenyans especially the youth who depend on the internet to earn a living at panic mode as huge losses are expected to occur at businesses which majorly depend on the internet like cyber cafes'.

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