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How to know who is calling using a private number

Its always amusing when someone calls you with private number. To me I always call it disrespecting because you have to make decisions on weather to Pic the call or not.

After reading this article you will never find problems in finding out who is calling using private number. Please follow my page for more interesting articles and share to stop this nightmare of private call. This is how to deal with private number.

1) Return code

This is a simple code that you dial after the call end to know who is calling. When even he repeat the second time you have known who the caller IS.

This code is special and is different depending on you the network you using.

2 digital trap call app

This is modern technology app that was invented specifically to help to trap the privet number uses. It always uncover the hidden code. It can also be used to block the private number users. It is found in the app store.

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