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How To Hide Personal Chats On WhatsApp Without Deleting Them

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging platforms that are now used by almost everyone worldwide. The app has added several new features lately as it allows us to transfer money to our contacts.

Children or friends are now sharing smart phones with parents who may accidentally open messaging app that may contain private conversations or pictures. The only secret you can is the WhatsApp archive chat feature to hide a specific chat or group chat.

The archive feature allows you to hide any group or individual chat without deleting them.

The feature will allow you to hide a chat from main chat lists.

How To Archive Or Hide Chat On WhatsApp

1. Go to your WhatsApp and tap any individual or group chat that you want to archive and long press.

2. You will see a few options at the top including Delete, Pin, Mute, and Archive.

3. Click on the Archive button and it will appear on the top of your chat list.

4. To check all the hide chats, click on the archive button.

How To Unarchive Chat On WhatsApp

1. open the archive chat section on WhatsApp

2. Tap the chat which you want to unarchive and long press.

3. Finally click on the unarchive option placed into the same place as the archive button.

WhatsApp now won't notify you if you get any new messages from archive chats.

How to get notifications from an archived chat

1. Go to WhatsApp and then click on the three dot option at the top.

2. Click on the settings and then go to the chat section.

3. Click on the "Keep chats archived" to turn off it.

This means then that you will now get a notification. However, if you turn on this again, you won't get any notification from an archived chat.

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