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Remember The Zambian University Graduate Who Hacked Government's System And Employed Himself

These days, Cyber criminals appear to be winning the battle of Cybersecurity as they set many world's businesses to the sword. IBM reports reveal that several businesses lose a lot of money in the hands of these advanced cyber criminals.

The current widespread of cyber crime activities reminds me a computer engineering graduate, who breached the South Africa Government's employee database and assigned himself as a system administrator. The tale went viral in 2019 for almost 3 months, and was so cheering but serious when looked at in security perspective.

Photo: Bright Chabota's previous photo [Courtesy of Google]

The intelligent computer engineering graduate known as Bright Chabota graduate allegedly breached into the Department of Health employee database, and employed himself as a system administrator from June 2018. Chabota's father reported to be a Zambian citizen, and his mother a South African, confessed that their son had been sending money to them but they did not know where he was working. Chabota was on the Government's payroll system, enjoying various privileges just like a real Government employee. His Medical card and salary were recorded on the office of the supposed system administrator, in the department of health building in Pretoria which was not existing.

The boy's parents were tracked down in Alexandre Township in South Africa, and confessed to the authorities that their son told them that had a job in Nelspruit and the was all they knew about their son.

Nonetheless, how Chabota's case was settled remains unknown, since it was not clearly disclosed whether the boy was apprehended or not. People hailed the boy for his great mind on various social media platforms even after the act was declared a criminal case.

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