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10 Objects we use daily that Changed Drastically Over Time


We use such razors today for shaving beards and other parts. If you look at it you might think that nothing has changed but there are some changes. The razors we use today are actually easier to use and less dangerous


They are one of the electronic devices that have experienced a series of upgrades and changes. They can be found in offices, at home and even in the institutions. The one we have today are very small and efficient compared to old ones


If we can all remember, some few years back speakers were very large and not so powerful. But today we have small powerful speakers that have some additional properties like Bluetooth that creates a connection between the speaker and a device. Also the sound quality of today’s speakers has really improved.


As you can see, calculators have really changes; you can carry them to around without any problem. Old calculators could only do the basic mathematics which includes; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. Today, calculators are very powerful and they can solve various mathematical problems like solving equations and finding coefficients

Women shoes

Most women have high heel shoes and they look great when worn with a proper outfit. The shoes also have undergone some changes. They changed from silk damask shoes with buckles in the 1740s into heels


Is found in almost every home, it is used for storing, cooking and even reheating. Kettles have come a long way, back then they were made of iron and this needed constant cleaning but today they are beautiful, clean and easier to use.


Televisions keep on evolving and changing with time, actually, it is one of the most common objects that have experienced changes over the years. Today’s televisions are very sophisticated with a lot of options and quality images compared to old versions


It is very true to say that telephones are still evolving with new crazy features and models being introduced to the world today. Telephones back then were large and heavy and people could not walk around with them but today, almost everyone can have a telephone or can access one.


They have become one of the most important and convenient accessories used today especially to young generation. Originally, they were used by telephone operators before gaining popularity. Today they are somehow different because they are wireless and the quality is much better.

Washing machine

Back then, the washing machines were as shown, crank operated machines that were used in 1940s were actually washing machines. Today we have even much better washing machines that are efficient and automatic with a lot of different options

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