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Evolution Of Simcards Since 90s To The Current e-Sim 4G

Sim cards we first created in the late 20th century when modernization and technology were on their early growth. It was developed by Europen Telecommunications System Institute (ETSI) providing a global system for mobile communication. This has been advancing slowly in terms of the size of the sim cards from GSM 2G, 3G, 4G to now nano 5G. This was to identify the user of the network and also the provider of the communication frequency.

SIM card 2G. (GSM) - Global System for Mobile Communication.The 2g GSM cards were the first to be used in the earliest mobile and it was a requirement for you to make or receive calls. They were owned by the company. This was introduced in the year 1991 to around 2010.

USIM 3G Cards - This added more security and features to the sim by allowing more contacts and fraudulent calls can't be done as it's encrypted with secure features. This also allowed video calling on phones thus an advancement to the previous one. It enabled users to have a maximum of two connection of network providers.E-Sim Card 4G

This revolutionized the telecommunications industry by enabling subscribers to choose their preferred network by having two or more access with more features added to the card. This won't require removing and inserting simcards.Photo/courtesy

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