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The Rise Of Technology On How it Has Favored Present-Day Parents

Technology is the 21st century modern application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life.

Honesty during the time of Solomon, the world was kinda boring because how the hell will we've survived without electricity, Internets, machinery etc.?

Today many small things like buying personal effects have been made easy by just using a online-phone, and your staffs are being delivered at your doorstep!

Likewise to the present-day parents, for some who are literate, the technology has largely impacted their lives.


  1. Using Internet for educations purposes by watching live at Tutorials.
  2. Using the Social Media to advertise their businesses, and some are clouting chase by showing their creativity.
  3. Some parent are using internet to show to the talents for their Kids to generate income.
  4. Some parents like mostly the 21st generations work at home.

And many more...

The facts that Technology has been marked as the key player in negatively affecting many young people lives, it is of great importance if we measure its values, something that we ought to have considered.

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