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How to Stop Your Phone from Being Tracked

The phone is a store for personal information in the form of photos , text messages and voicemails . Some people may want to invade your privacy any access the information in your phone . Here are some things you should do to barr them from tracking your phone .

1 . Ensure there is no spy app on your phone .

Delete apps that you do not recognize in your phone and update your operating system .

2 . Do factory reset .

This is a nuisance I know but it does get rid of any unwanted guests . To do this first make sure your phone is backed up , updated and charged fully .

3 . Change your devices password .

Since someone close to you may know your password and may be spying on you change it . Use strong passwords of more than twelve characters including numbers , upper case and lower case letters .

I hope this has sorted your problems and you are going to get rid of trackers . Thank you for reading this article .

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